Discipline - Be Like Steel

Discipline means doing something over and over, even if you don’t want to. That consistency is the only way to reach self-actualization. Discipline requires a great deal of willpower and determination, especially when faced with obstacles or challenges. By maintaining a disciplined approach to life, individuals can develop a strong sense of purpose and direction. Whether it’s through regular exercise, studying, or practicing a skill, discipline can be the key to achieving one’s goals and becoming the best version of oneself.

Success and Discipline - excerpt from Transmorphosis

Success is counted sweetest 

By those who ne’er succeed; 

But he who strives with heart and soul, 

Shall earn the victor’s meed. 


And so it is with discipline, 

For men who seek to win, 

Must have the strength to strive and fight, 

And conquer from within. 


For discipline is not a chain, 

That binds a man in pain; 

It’s a steady, guiding hand, 

That leads to victory’s gain. 


The path to greatness is not easy, 

It’s wrought with sweat and tears; 

But with discipline, a man can rise, 

Above his doubts and fears. 


For when a man is disciplined, 

He has the power to achieve, 

To reach the heights of his desire, 

And make his dreams believe. 


So let us not forget the worth, 

Of discipline’s strong hold; 

For with it, men can conquer all, 

And rise to glory bold. 

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